Badoo - Measuring the Impact of the Design System

Is it possible to measure the impact of the adoption of a design system on the workload of a team?

This is the question that I tried to answer, when I started this small side project. I've used a Node.js script to parse the git history of our Badoo Mobile Web application, extract the information relevant to the UI layer (CSS), and aggregate the data over a three years timescale. I have then plotted the data using D3.js in different formats of data-visualisation. The results were beyond imagination.

It was clearly possible to discern two periods in time, before and after the adoption of the design system. The first period was caractherized by large and frequent changes to the UI code; the second period by smaller and less frequent changes. This clearly showed how using a library of reusable UI components has drastically reduced the workload of the UI Engineering team.

I have written about my findings in a Medium post, where you can read in detail about this project, how I have developed the Node.js script, and how I have built the D3.js data visualisation for it.

Read the full story on Medium: https://medium.com/@didoo/measuring-the-impact-of-a-design-system-7f925af090f7