Plentific - Website

In the first months that I joined Plentific, I’ve worked mainly on the refactoring of the website, in order to reduce the overall weight and load time of the pages.

I’ve been able to convert a huge monolithic single-page app into multiple separate projects, increasing the performance of the website by a factor of ten. I have refactored, cleaned up and re-organized the whole Sass/CSS codebase, that was out of control.

I have also rebuilt the front-end compile process, in order to have a faster development cycle, moving from Grunt to Gulp and reducing drastically both complexity and compile time.

Later, I have worked on the implementation of a lot of new functionalities, pages, sections and the development of completely new web applications (fully responsive and mobile-first).

I have also implemented a style-guide and a suite of visual regression tests. Website: plentific.com